Advertise at Off the Wall!

Get exposure for your business with the best demographics around. Please see what we have available for your needs, contact us and let us know your budget, terms are flexible. Anyone can afford to market and promote at Off the Wall Soccer.

Partner Advertising Options

All advertising options includes free distribution of limited materials on-site and an in-arena television ad.

Wall Banners

Large signs displayed on our walls around the arena.

Sign Specifications – 3′ x 8′ with grommets (all rates are quoted annually)

  • Wall Banner One time sign production cost is $150 – $300 per sign depending upon complexity of sign (up to 4 colors).
  • Photo ready artwork must be provided.
  • Signage may be returned to advertisers at the end of term.
  • Partner Advertisers wishing to provide sign may do so at their own cost.

End Walls – $450
Center Wall – $650


Smaller signs affixed to the wall surrounding the individual fields.

Sign Specifications – 38″ x 96″ (all rates are quoted annually)

  • Sign production cost is $300 – $400 depending upon complexity, up to four colors.
  • Photo ready artwork must be provided.
  • Signage will not be returned as it is permanently affixed.

End Walls – $750
Center Walls – $950

Web Sponsor

Have your customers and clients see your company name and logo shown on all league information for an entire session. Schedules and standing for each league are posted in the arena itself and on our web page for an eight week session.

Have your company name or logo, or ad and web link posted here for a term you select.

Our most visited page is our team schedule, scores and standing page where the players and others come to see what is going on.

In Arena Kiosk

Use our kiosk in the facility for up to six hours during our league play. Distribute materials and meet our members, great opportunity for face to face marketing.