For information on standings, red cards, bonds, forfeitures, schedules changes, etc. see Additional League and Player Information.

New to indoor soccer? See the Laws of the Game for more information.

General Rules of the Facility

  1. Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk. The property owner(s), league operators, officers, and staff of OFF THE WALL SOCCER assume no liability for any injuries or accidents which may occur. Please reference Liability / Injury Waiver and Release Forms and signage posted within the facility.
  2. Conduct within the facility should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship as it is on the field.
  3. It is unlawful for anyone to bring alcohol onto our premises for consumption or to loiter on our property and Mathew St. (Santa Clara City Code 9.05.040). No alcohol can be brought into the facility nor purchased alcohol from OTWS be removed for consumption outside of the facility.
  4. No Alcohol or Drug use prior to playing.
  5. Should you find or lose any items please report this immediately to an OFF THE WALL SOCCER employee. OFF THE WALL SOCCER does not assume responsibility for any items lost or stolen.
  6. No food, drinks on playing field.
  7. No chewing tobacco or chewing gum permitted in facility.
  8. No sunflower seeds or similar type products are permitted in the facility.
  9. No glass containers on the field or in the player boxes.
  10. No videotaping from the player boxes.
  11. Please no pets inside the facility.
  12. Children must be supervised at all times.
  13. Soccer balls shall not be kicked against building walls (interior or exterior). Damage caused by these actions shall be the financial responsibility of those caught or their parents or legal guardians.
  14. All play must be conducted as set forth in the LAWS OF THE GAME (link to ) as modified by this facility.
  15. We reserve the right to refuse play and or service to anyone.


  • Players must have current OTWS membership or game pass to be eligible to play in the game.
  • Give the referee your name and jersey number and green or orange player pass (if not a member).
  • Once the game has started, players arriving late for their game must report to the check-in desk to check-in and a staff member will accompany the late player to the field’s referee box to formally make appropriate entry to the game card.
  • Player will not be permitted to enter the field of play until this check-in process is complete.


  • Indoor flat soled soccer shoes are required (NO MOLDED OR SCREW-INS).
  • Teams MUST be dressed in matching uniform jerseys (shirts).
  • Teams are required to have alternate jerseys. Off the Wall Soccer will not provide alternate scrimmage vests; however, you may rent them for a fee.
  • Permanent numbers are required on all jerseys. A minimum 1″ wide by 6″ high number is required.
  • Shin guards are required. Stockings must cover shin guards at all times.


  1. Passes may be purchased for $65.00. Pass allows eight plays for non-members. Purchase price is non-refundable.
  2. Only registered team managers or alternate managers may purchase and hold up to two passes. No more than two guests may be permitted to play in any one game, only one guest player per pass. Team manager assumes the responsibility for any red card and fines associated with a Guest Membership Pass.
  3. All guests must complete and sign a waiver. Guests must be at least 18 years of age and must provide a driver’s license, passport, or California Identification Card, no other form of ID will be accepted.
  4. Guest Pass is non-transferable and may only be used with the team for which it was purchased.
  5. Non-members are defined as those who have never been a member of Off the Wall Soccer or have not renewed their membership in the past (2) years.
  6. Members may not use Guest Membership Pass if members forget their pass.
  7. Members that have been previously terminated from OTWS may not play on a Guest Membership Pass.
  8. Referees will only permit Guest Membership Passes to be used if they have the following:
    1. Guest Pass (green)(Referees keep the green card and turn in with game card.
    2. Form of Identification
    3. Player’s name on Game Card
    4. Verification from OTWS staff that pass has been punched.
  9. Red Cards issued to a Guest Membership Pass will result in the following:
    1. Confiscation of the pass until fines have been settled.
    2. Identification kept until copied and then returned.
    3. Guest will not be permitted to play again until Disciplinary Committee has made a decision on sanctions.

Passes are subjects to all Rules and Guidelines, and Laws published by Off The Wall Soccer. OTWS reserves the right to refuse play to anyone. This Guest Membership Pass program is experimental and may be terminated at any time and without cause. Should OTWS terminate this program our liability shall be limited to the cost of the pass minus any pro-rated use. Passes remain the property of OTWS.


Guest players will be prohibited from further participation at OTWS.

If playing on a guest pass, pass will be confiscated until Disciplinary Committee makes a determination as to the disposition of the Guest Membership Pass.


Players may only be added to the roster for the remainder of the session for a fee of $25.00 (per player) after the end of the 3rd game.


  • Players may petition to have membership extended if they are severely injured. Written proof of injury from a medical doctor is required; all petitions will be considered on a case by case basis. No extension of membership is guaranteed.
  • Whenever a female player provides legitimate proof that she is pregnant, her membership will be suspended until child is born and the expiration date will be extended for a maximum of 9 months from her original expiration date. OTWS will NOT ALLOW a pregnant woman to play after the first trimester of the pregnancy (3 months). Once membership has been suspended she will not be allowed to play until after the baby has been born.


The laws of the game followed at OFF THE WALL SOCCER are as set forth in the USSF OFFICIAL INDOOR SOCCER RULES , unless otherwise specified (Please refer to OFF THE WALL SOCCER, LAWS OF THE GAME.


  • Teams are registered on a first-come, first served basis. A team fee will be refunded only if a team is not offered a position in a league /division determined to be appropriate for the team.
  • Registration must be paid in full before the first game is played.
  • Teams dropping out of a league will forfeit their registration fees.
  • Discounts for team registration may be available from time to time in certain leagues; any team incurring forfeiture during a previous session shall not be eligible for discounts.
  • Teams with outstanding fees shall not be allowed to re-register.
  • Re-registering teams will be assigned to a division based upon availability and performance in past session(s).
  • Team fees are non-refundable unless we are unable to provide a league for you, whether it is the division you registered for or the division you were placed on based on league standings, number of teams registered, or other factors.


The top three and bottom three teams in a division at the end of a session are subject to promotion or relegation to another division. OFF THE WALL SOCCER reserves the right to make the necessary changes within league divisions to ensure an equal level of ability and competition.


  • No individual will be allowed to participate in any league games, practice session, tournament, clinic, open pick-up game, or other activities until they create a DASH account and get a picture taken.


  • Membership to OFF THE WALL SOCCER is open to all members of the community. Membership may be obtained by completing the appropriate Membership Registration Form and by paying the annual registration dues. A member dropping out or dropped from a team by team manager will forfeit his/her membership fees.
  • Membership entitles the player to utilize the facility as a registered team player in league play, participate in practice sessions, tournaments, clinics, open pick-up games and other future activities. Membership benefits include discount in the arena soccer store, discounts on field bookings, party discounts, and access to special programs at discounted prices.
  • Membership also allows us to monitor player behavior on the field; adding extra assurance that only players that demonstrate proper behavior participate in leagues. Membership may be revoked at the discretion OFF THE WALL SOCCER (OTWS).


Only players and (2) coaches are allowed in the player boxes during league games. Family, friends, and guest are required to remain in designated viewing areas.


  • 14 players maximum per team on game day for Field 1 & 2. 9 players maximum per team on Field 3 (3v3).
  • 18 players maximum per team roster.
  • Rosters will be locked¬†and final after the third game. Under OTWS Management approval a team manager may be allowed to update the roster as soon as the third game is over.
    • A player may not play on two teams in the same division . This rule applies to the whole session.
    • Absolutely no guest players during play-offs.

Failure to comply will result in:

  • Forfeiture of all games played with illegal player(s)-(not on the team roster) and/or 2 $30 illegal player sanction.


  • OFF THE WALL SOCCER’s management would like to reaffirm that referees appointed to officiate each game have complete authority, and that his/her decisions on points of fact connected with the game are final.
  • Officials are independent subcontractors and are not employees of OTWS. Officiating will be monitored and assessed periodically and in-house training classes will provide for quality officiating.
  • Constructive comments regarding officiating are welcomed and encouraged. Please submit any such comments in writing to Complaints regarding officials should be submitted in writing and contain points of fact. Do not discuss officiating or the officials with the facility staff during or immediately after your game.


At the time of registration there are agreements that must be understood in order to create a league game. In particular, that the laws of the game are followed and that the positions of  the players and referee are understood by everyone that enters the field. This being that you agree that there will be players on the field, which will include 2 goal keepers, one at each goal, and a referee. It is imperative that everyone that is involved with the game must remain within their positions as agreed upon.

a) The players play the game… only. The players may not instruct the referee on how to call a game. The mere logistics and positions of the players make it virtually impossible for every player to see the calls exactly the same. Whether you agree or not… it is not for you to direct the calls of a game.

b) The referee makes the calls of the game… only. The referee will not instruct the players how to run, shoot or how to defend the goal as a goal-keeper. The referee will follow the language guidance of the Referee License: ARM SIGNALS, WHISTLE, and CARDS. The referee will not engage in a verbal conversation. Should a team manager/player have concerns or wish to file a claim to open and investigation of an incident; send detailed information to the following address:


When a team manager/player decides to step out of his/her role, and direct or challenge the referee, they are putting themselves at risk for this penalty. Remember, you are the manager/player… only. You are not to direct or challenge the referee, any more than the Referee would direct you on the technique to play your position or to manage your team. Do not demonstrate your verbal frustrations towards the referee.


Individuals are expected to play under control and within the rules of the game, and to the best of their ability will avoid causing injury to themselves and other persons using the facility.


  • When warming up, please stay within the areas designated for warm-ups.
  • Balls should be kept under control and away from spectators.
  • Warm up areas shall be on the player box side of the fields.