Welcome to Off the Wall Soccer! It was my hope over 22 years ago to create a club where every soccer player, no matter what the level, could enjoy the game of soccer in a clean, safe and professional atmosphere. Soccer has been my passion since I could walk, and now together with my friends, family, staff and fellow coaches we have developed programs for all level of players from those beginning to walk, all the way to those that will make the game their livelihood. We have passed through generations of players; many of my friends, teammates, former players and fellow coaches have played here, coached here or worked here. There will be many more to come.

It is our sincere hope that you all feel a sense of pride with OTWS as a soccer success story. In many ways, everyone that has ever played here has helped build it literally from the ground up to being a Bay Area soccer institution. We are proud and pleased to serve you and soccer. We all sincerely hope that your time at OTWS is pleasant.



Off the Wall Soccer Staff

Janet Benassi – General Manager


Jose Sorto – Facility Manager



Karla Ronquillo – League Manager / Referee Coordinator / Administration



Alcides Martinez –¬†Team Developer


William James Ervin IV – Scheduler