Youth League

We Offer an Arena Soccer Youth League.

We have leagues for players of all ages and experience levels, even adults. The adult league is offered throughout the year while the youth league is typically held in winter and spring.

For information on standings, red cards, bands, forfitures, schedule changes, etc. see the Additional League and Player Information section.

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WHAT: Winter & Spring Youth League

WHY: Arena soccer is shown to develop speed of play of thought, frequency of touches over 2x of outdoor, situational awareness varies promoting decision making, proximity of play closely replicates outdoor, field promotes outdoor game with Field Turf, IT IS FUN!!!

WHO: Recreational & Competitive Leagues.

Boys and Girls

Divisions: U8-U19

OTWS reserves the right to combine divisions (competitive level and age groups) based on the number of teams registered per division.

8 games + play-offs (ALL Teams will be included in the play-offs)


Youth Winter – Starts December 2nd.

Play-offs: February 17-18, February 24-25, March 3-4

Bye weeks: December 23 and 24, December 30 and 31, and January 1.

Holidays we will recognize: Martin Luther King Jr., Presidents’ Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.


Youth Spring – Start March 10th.

Play-offs: May 5-6, 12-13


Games on Saturdays and Sundays.

Games start time: as early as 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

45 minutes per game: 2 halves of 20 minutes each, with a 5-minutes half time break.


Coaches must inform us via e-mail (, the days they will not be able to play by their first game. After that day, a $30.00 reschedule fee will apply for every reschedule request. Reschedule fee must be paid in advance.


ALL teams are required to have a roster. In order to facilitate the communication between OTWS staff, coaches and parents, the roster must include a coach, assistant coach and team parent (to help organize parents).

Teams need to have their roster completed by the 1st game. Coaches, assistant coaches, team parents and players must have a complete profile (DASH profile, picture, membership (if applicable) and verified proof of age (players only), before stepping into the field for their first game or will not be allowed to play. Acceptable documents to verify age: birth certificate, passport, CYSA, AYSO, and NorCal player cards.

Team rosters will lock by January 6th – No players can be added after this date unless player has a complete roster and a $25.00 hardship fee is paid per player.

No player can be on 2 separate teams (roster) in the same division at any point during the league. If a player is caught playing in two different teams in the same division, the game(s) he/she participated on will be forfeited and the player will be suspended and fined.

Teams can have up to 3 guest players per game, however, they must also have a complete profile and meet all age requirements. They must also pay $15.00 per single game (per player). Any player that plays 3 games can be added to the roster without paying the $25.00 hardship fee as long as the team has space in their roster.

OTWS reserves the right to combine age groups depending on the number of teams registered.

In order to participate in the play-offs, players must play at least 3 (three) regular season games.

House teams will only be coaches by OTWS coaches. Teams will have up to 14 players per team.



$150.00 per player * Membership, Team Fee Included and OTWS Academy Classes (Sundays). Classes offered until the end of the of the youth league on February 26th.

Jersey included

Individual players looking to be placed in a team must register to our OTWS Academy to assess their skill level and place them in the right level team.




Reserve your spot with only $100.00 – Deadline to pay a deposit to December 3rd

Team Fee Full Price: $660.00 * Registration CLOSED

Early registration price: $600.00 * Deadline October 2nd.

Membership: $30.00 per kid

Multiple Team Discount: $580.00 (must register 2 or more teams at the same time)

No deposit refunds will be given unless division fails to develop. However, if the division develops then the team will have to pay the remaining balance, or forfeit the deposit.

ONLY the team coach will be allowed to make payments.

Teams will not be allowed to make partial payments.

All teams MUST have completely different names. Names will be limited to 15 characters. Please be creative!

If a team pays in full, without a deposit, they will receive 1 free rental to use whenever we have availability.

Teams that registered for both leagues (Winter and Spring) and pay in full will be eligible to pay $550.00 for Spring league.

OTWS reserves the right to combine divisions (competitive level and age groups) based on the number of teams registered per division.

Team fees are non-refundable unless we are unable to provide a league for you, whether it is the division you registered for or by the combination of divisions.



Team Fee Full Price: $625.00 * Registration Deadline February 18th.

Membership: $30.00 per player

OTWS reserves the right to combine divisions (competitive level and age groups) based on the number of teams registered per division.

Team fees are non-refundable unless we are unable to provide a league for you, whether it is the division you registered for or by the combination of divisions.



Medallions for 1st place winners.


Any player caught playing in a division that they should not be in, all games that we can prove that they played in (roster) will be forfeited. Player will be suspended and fined.

OTWS reserves the right to combine divisions (competitive level and age groups) based on the number of teams registered per division.

When determining the age group for a season, the YEAR THE SEASON ENDS (in this case 2018) should be used for determining the birth year. 

















Medallions for 1st place winners.


By registering in the league all teams, coaches, players, and parents agree to the following agreement.

At the time of registration there are agreements that must be understood in order to create a league game. In particular, that the laws of the game are followed and that the positions of the players and referee are understood by everyone that enters the field. This being that you agree that there will be players on the field, which will include 2 goal keepers, one at each goal, and a referee. It is imperative that everyone that is involved with the game must remain within their positions as agreed upon.

(a) The players play the game… only. The players may not instruct the referee on how to call a game. The mere logistics and positions of the players make it virtually impossible for every player to see the calls exactly the same. Whether you agree or not… it is not for you to direct the calls of a game.

(b) The referee makes the call of the game…only. The referee will not instruct the players how to run, shoot or how to defend the goal as a goal-keeper. The Referee will follow the language guidance of the Referee License: ARM SIGNALS, WHISTLE, and CARDS. The referee will not engage in a verbal conversation. Should a team manager/player have a concern or wish to file a claim to open an investigation of an incident; send detailed information to the following address:

Foul, Abusive or Insulting Language / Dissent:

When a team manager/coach/player decides to step out of his/her role, and direct or challenge the referee, they are putting themselves at risk for this penalty. Remember, you are the manager/coach/player…only. You are not to direct or challenge the referee, any more than the Referee would direct you on the technique to play your position or to manage/coach your team. Do not demonstrate your verbal frustrations towards the Referee.

Zero Tolerance Policy: 

All players, parents/coaches, and spectators are expected to demonstrate sporting behavior before, during and after games, scrimmages, and practices. The league has adopted a “Zero Tolerance Policy” towards verbal or physical abuse or harassment by anyone involved in the league in any capacity.

Any coach who is ejected from the game by the referee will remove himself or herself from the facility immediately. He/She will be banned from attending or coaching the next scheduled game and ca be banned for longer if so determined by OTWS Disciplinary Committee. All red cards, ejections are subject to a fine. Off the Wall Soccer reserves the right to impose fine based on severity and/or nature of the offense. The same may apply to any coach who is abusive to other coaches, players, referees and spectators included.

Coach’s Pledge:

As a coach participating in OTWS Youth Winter/Spring League 2016-2017 I pledge to:

(a) Make the health and safety of all participants my number one responsibility. I will never place the value of winning over the safety and welfare of the players.

(b) Support and display good sportsmanship towards all players, coaches, parents, Referees, OTWS Staff as well as spectators at all times.

(c) Be a positive role model and set the standard for sportsmanship.

By Registering in the league all parents and coaches acknowledge that:

They have fully read and understand this agreement and all of its terms. They have freely and voluntarily agree that it is binding upon them, their child(ren) or the person they are guardian for, including their heirs, assigns and legal representatives.